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Making the right decisions as we journey through life will usually result in positive outcomes that make us and those around us feel great. On the other hand, wrong decisions will usually have the opposite effect, not only for the decision maker, but there are instances where the negative impact will be borne by others at a later date.

Prior to setting up Tropical Connections in 2004, I had heard about some of the negative experiences encountered by individuals living abroad when buying or selling property in the Caribbean. Like those relating the tales of woe that befell Caribbean nationals living ‘in foreign’ or ‘far and away’, I believed that attorneys, contractors and others whose services had been commissioned by the wronged individuals were wholly to blame for the negative outcomes encountered by hardworking victims. Over a decade of dealing with Caribbean property transactions has since taught me that it is not always the fault of an unscrupulous professional in the Caribbean that can lead to a negative outcome with one’s property affairs in that part of the world, but that it can in fact be the wrong decisions made by overseas residents themselves.

Although I now have enough knowledge and facts to be able to write a book, I have instead decided that a section titled ‘Case Studies’ will be added to the website for educational purposes. My hope is that the case studies will help overseas residents avoid the pitfalls and financial loss suffered by others in the past.

On a more positive note, I am excited to report that the ‘Spice Isle’ (Grenada) is soon to be re-introduced as a Caribbean island for which a full range of property services will once again be provided by Tropical Connections.

I now invite you to view any of the following links to learn more about TropCon – my ‘pet name’ for the company:

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In ending this message, I want you to know that whatever type of Caribbean property matter has brought you to this website in the first instance, please keep in mind that we’re here to help you achieve a positive outcome!

Have a great day!

Maureen Smith
Tropical Connections

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