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Message From Founder

Due to limited demand for our services for Grenada, St. Lucia and some other Caribbean islands on which we offered property for sale from to time, I have recently taken the decision to focus on the two Caribbean islands for which our services are most in demand, namely, Barbados and Jamaica.

Strong business relationships have been established with various service providers in Grenada and St. Lucia, so the decision to cease offering services for both islands feels a little bit like getting divorced. There is a sense of sadness over the decision to remove Grenada and St. Lucia from our portfolio, but it is no longer viable for us to continue offering services for Caribbean islands where enquiries from potential clients are few in number.

We are now half way through 2016 and I am delighted to report that not only are we still here 12 years on from the date Tropical Connections first came into existence, but we continue to make a difference to those who come to us for help with their property affairs in the Caribbean.

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Enjoy the remainder of 2016!

Maureen Smith
Tropical Connections

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