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It is no secret that overseas residents have, for far too many years, encountered numerous challenges when dealing with property matters in the Caribbean from abroad. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be your experience.

At Tropical Connections, we specialise in delivering a unique range of bespoke services that have been specifically designed to help you avoid pitfalls and financial loss with your property affairs in Barbados or Jamaica. Furthermore, the worry of finding the right professional service providers to handle your business is eliminated, as is the stress that is undoubtedly caused when dealing with unfamiliar procedures and practices.

As a result of the excellent working relationships that we have established with various service providers in Barbados and Jamaica, Tropical Connections is able to provide hand-holding services to deal with the following:

• Property Sales
• Property Purchases
• House Building Projects
• Registration of Unregistered Titles
• Probate Matters
• Property Disputes
• TRN Applications (Jamaica only)
• Eviction of Tenants (Jamaica only)
• Holiday Accommodation Rentals (Barbados only)
• Rental Vehicles (Barbados only)

A safe, uncompromising and professional environment for your property affairs in Barbados and Jamaica!

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At Tropical Connections, we believe that your Caribbean property experience should be smooth and hassle-free, as after all, we are dealing with a part of the world that is synonymous with paradise, so why should you accept anything less. We don’t!

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