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Dealing with probate, property disputes and applications for titles in the Caribbean is not for the faint-hearted. Procedures are antiquated when compared with those in the UK and the process extremely frustrating and protracted.

Each island has different procedures, with some requiring the involvement of the courts which accounts for much of the delay that leads to some matters taking as long as a year to complete, and longer still for some cases.

At Tropical Connections, we are able to facilitate the handling of these matters on your behalf, thereby eliminating much of the stress and frustration. We manage and monitor your individual matter so that you can get on with other equally important aspects of your life.

We also provide services for obtaining Jamaica Taxpayer Registration Numbers which, with effect from 1st January 2013, became a requirement for overseas residents to have who are dealing with various property matters on the island that involvement the payment of taxes.

We do not charge hourly rates for our consultancy services, but instead set these based on the amount of work and specific periods of time that we anticipate will apply to your individual matter.

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At Tropical Connections, we believe that your Caribbean property experience should be smooth and hassle-free, as after all, we are dealing with a part of the world that is synonymous with paradise, so why should you accept anything less. We don’t!

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