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Social Policy

Although Tropical Connections is a private commercial company, we never forget that there are people in the world who do not dream of owning property in the Caribbean, but instead dream about what many of us take for granted – a chance to live or a quality of life that makes living worthwhile!

There are many organisations out there that depend on our help and support in order to improve the lives of others. Whilst not taking away from our own dreams, we can help them by providing what they so desperately require.

At Tropical Connections we support the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) in their work to increase the number of African Caribbean bone marrow donors, of which there is a tremendous shortage here in the UK and worldwide. (These transplants can only take place between persons of the same ethnic group).

We also support the NHS Blood and Transplant Service in their efforts to attract more blood and organ donors throughout the UK, irrespective of ethnicity.

Your help can be in the form of money, blood or organ donations. Whatever is offered will be much appreciated by these organisations, and more still, by those who will benefit from your ‘gift’.

For more information about what you can do to help please visit www.aclt.org and www.organdonation.nhs.uk.

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