Culturally Sensitive Dementia Support Campaign

Having recently received an email bearing the title of this article, I was curious to learn more. My investigations revealed that, following the death of their dementia suffering mother, Pearl, her children decided that ‘culturally sensitive’ dementia support was needed to help other dementia sufferers of Caribbean descent living in the UK.

The ‘Culturally Sensitive Dementia Support Campaign’ is aimed at raising funds to provide tools with which African/Caribbean sufferers of dementia can identify as part of helping them to better manage the condition and improve quality of life. Tools include word searches and jigsaw puzzles that use words and images familiar to users, while ‘Memory Cafes’ provide places where dementia sufferers are able to socialise and share experiences.

Dementia symptoms, of which there are many that do not only include memory loss, can be very distressing for sufferers as well as those around them. However, with the right kind of support, sufferers of the progressive and debilitating condition, for which there is currently no cure, can avoid becoming isolated and feeling as though they’ve been cast aside by family, friends and society as a whole. They were there for us, so let’s be there for them.

PLEASE visit and give your support to the campaign.

Dementia may not affect you or a loved one today, but with the number of dementia sufferers in the UK predicted to reach around one million by 2020, it may be you or a loved one tomorrow.

Maureen Smith, Founder of Tropical Connections, UK-based Caribbean Property Specialists


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