Guns, Gangs and the Implication of Social Workers by Claudine Duberry



An excellent introduction to a poignant area of society. I found the book thought provoking with lots of areas of thoughts and references so the reader could go off and do their own research. As a social worker and a learning & development specialist, I would recommend this book to social workers, youth workers, senior managers, the police and anyone with an interest. It provides a great point of reference to an area of life that too many of our young people are having to negotiate. I look forward to the author’s next instalment. By mrs v springer on 27 Sept. 2016

Claudine uses her vast experience to put a balanced perspective on a subject much misunderstood and misrepresented. This is a book written by a woman who truly believes in the saying”it takes a village to raise a child”. A must read for ANYONE purporting to have the interests of young people. By Adé Adégbuyi on 28 Sept. 2016

Living in London, there is always talks about gangs, but there is limited information/books (if any at all) which have looked at the rise of the gangs, or why young people in London may be so drawn to the gangs. However, there is lots of talks, and media attention on gangs and giving young people (especially black young men) a bad name. This book was recommended by a friend, and at first I thought why, I’m not a social work, but I totally enjoyed reading it because although I think Claudine is a social worker she seems to have an understanding about how young people are often all painted with the same brush, people just judge us before they know us. She talks about getting to know us as individuals and listen to us,give us a voice. Sometimes we get caught up in situations, or we hang around in groups, but we are not all gang members and we deserved to be heard even if we find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time By Stardust on 3 Sept. 2016

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