How to Sell Caribbean Land and Homes Faster and for Top Dollars

Having taken the decision to sell your land or home in the Caribbean, getting a quick sale at top dollars is what most property sellers desire.  The question is what can you do to make your Caribbean land or home for sale stand out from the crowd?

Getting your Caribbean land ready for sale
Land in the Caribbean can become overgrown much more quickly than land in colder climates, and more so during the Caribbean’s rainy season (June to November).  The costs for clearing your land of bush will very much depend on the size of the subject lot and who you employ to undertake the task.  But this should not deter you from presenting a well cleared lot for sale.

Clear the bush but keep the fruit
If the land for sale is a mix of bush and fruit trees, the bush should be cleared while the fruit trees can remain in situ, as some or all of these are likely to be welcomed by new owners, especially those whose dream has been to return home following years of living abroad where they had to often pay high prices for limes, mangoes, coconuts and other tropical fruit (and vegetables).  What could be more rewarding than making a smoothie with your own freshly picked home-grown Caribbean fruits.

Land Boundaries
Buyers are more likely to be more attracted to land that has been cleared of overgrown bush, as this will allow them to be able to see the boundaries that separate your land for sale from neighbouring properties.  Where boundaries are not clearly defined by brightly coloured pegs or line marks, land that is free of overgrown bush will provide buyers with an idea as to the shape of the lot being sold and the best position for placing a new home.

Eliminating health hazards
In addition to its impact on saleability, lots that are overgrown with bush are an eyesore for residents living in the neighbourhood, in addition to which, they provide an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and rats.  It is therefore important to maintain your vacant lots in the Caribbean by ensuring that they are regularly cleared of bush to prevent them becoming unsightly and a health hazard to local residents.

Getting your Caribbean home ready for sale
Just as with land sales in the Caribbean, a well presented home is more likely to attract interest from potential buyers than one that is filled with clutter and/or in need of painting.  Clearing clutter to present a tidy home will cost you nothing more than time, while there are likely to be costs for painting, the amount of which will depend on how whether this is required both internally and externally.  You will therefore need to decide whether or not you will be able to recover the costs incurred in painting your home.  In any event, it should not be overlooked that a freshly painted home in neutral colours will always be more attractive to potential buyers than one that is tired looking and discoloured.

Pay attention to external areas of your Caribbean home for sale
In addition to presenting a freshly painted and uncluttered home for sale, the grounds on which your Caribbean home sits should also receive attention.  Lawned areas should be trimmed and any unwanted items that have been thrown out removed from the grounds of your property for sale.   Outdoor furniture should be cleaned and any bird or bat droppings removed.

Determining sale price for your Caribbean land or home
It is not as easy to determine the price for which your Caribbean land or home should be advertised for sale as it is in the UK where online searches will provide information on sale prices within a particular area.  In view of the fact that such searches are not available when selling property in the Caribbean, it is advisable to obtain a valuation from a reputable valuer before placing your land or home on the market for sale to ensure that the selling price is neither too low nor too high.  If you choose to price your Caribbean land or home for sale based on how much you think it is worth, just remember that most prudent buyers will obtain an independent valuation that will immediately reveal that the sale price being sought by you is way in excess of the current market value for similar land or homes in that area.

Caribbean property photos
There is nothing more distracting for potential buyers than seeing people and/or vehicles in photos depicting land or homes for sale in the Caribbean.  Always ensure that neither of these is present in photographs to be used to market your land or homes for sale.  If your real estate agent has taken such photos, which any agent worth their weight in salt should not do, then you should insist on them taking fresh photographs where neither is visible.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Having decided to sell your land or home in the Caribbean, you will not only want to find a buyer quickly, but you will also want to ensure that you receive top dollars by way of sale price.  In order to achieve both, your land or home will need to stand out from other properties for sale in your neighbourhood.  It is what the potential buyer sees and feels that matters above all else and your sentimental ties to the land or home for sale should take second place.  Presentation is paramount when selling land or homes anywhere in the world and selling land or homes in the Caribbean is no exception.


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