The Impact of the Sex Trade on Tourism

Sex Trade on Tourism By Charlie Spice

At the invitation of Professor Cristina Jonsson of the University of the West Indies in Barbados, the Founder/President of the Global Adult Industry Association (GAIA), Charlie Spice, delivered a guest lecture on “The Impact of the Sex Trade on Tourism” on Thursday 19th February 2015.

The students of the faculty of Tourism Management Studies were transfixed by the harsh realities of the inextricable link between the sex industry and tourism.

The purpose of the lecture was to raise the awareness of the students to the complexities of sex tourism and to point out the related issues and possible interventions.
The key topics addressed during the lecture were the various forms of sex tourism, the problematic impact of sex tourism and beneficial impact of sex tourism.

Mr. Spice said, “The lecture was very successful. The students benefited greatly from the first hand knowledge and experiences of someone who has been directly involved in the adult industry for many years.”

“It gave the students a greater awareness and understanding of sex tourism, which will enable them as future tourism managers to effectively manage the negative impact on the other areas of our main industry sector.”

Professor Jonsson had previously invited Charlie Spice to speak on the same subject to her students. Some years ago, he gave what was referred by the students as one of the most exciting lectures of their curriculum. One student did her thesis on Sex Tourism with the contribution of Mr. Spice as her tutor.

Mr. Spice said, “I was deeply honoured to be called upon again to help the future tourism managers and entrepreneurs to understand the impact that sex tourism has on our main industry.”

“Sex and tourism are inextricably linked and acknowledging this reality is the first step in addressing the related issues and in finding solutions to manage the impact on the most important sector of our economy.”

While reflecting on the years of negative rhetoric levelled against him by society, Mr. Spice also remarked, “This is indeed a major personal achievement. For someone who has been ostracized for being involved the sex industry, it is truly an amazing feeling to be finally respected and accepted for who I am by a section of mainstream society. I cannot think of a greater compliment than to be called upon as sex industry expert to make a contribution to the educational development of university students and future leaders of our country.”

Immediately after the lecture, Professor Jonsson expressed, “With this level of success, guest lectures on Sex Tourism should be included every year in the curriculum for Tourism Management Studies.”
Mr Spice gives kudos to Professor Jonsson for having the courage and the foresight to think outside the box to allow for a more inclusive and respectful society.

Charlie Spice, Founder/President of the Global Adult Industry Association


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