Joke of the Month – April 2015

Honour amongst thieves

A Guyanese and a Jamaican walked into a store. The Guyanese steals a chocolate bar and when they’ve left the store he said to the Jamaican, “You see dat? I tief three chocolate bars. Nobody can ever tief like me!” The Jamaican said, “Mek wi go back to di store and mi ah go show yuh who is de real tief.”

They went back to the store and the Jamaican said to the cashier, “Yuh wan see a magic trick?” The cashier said, “Sure”. The Jamaican said, “Gimme a chocolate bar”, and he ate it. “Gimme another one”, and he ate that too. “Hand me one me”, and he ate that also. “But, sir, where is the magic?” said the cashier. The Jamaican man said, “Check the Guyanese pockets and yuh gwaan find all three ah dem.”


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