Robert Grant: The Future of British Golf

Robert GrantInterview by Maureen Smith

What is your name?
My name is Robert Grant.

How old are you?
I am twenty one years old.

Were you born in the UK?
Yes. I was born in Luton.

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
Maths has always been my favourite subject whilst at school because I enjoyed the problem solving aspect of it. I graduated this May 2014 from Alabama State University where I studied Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics.

How old were you when you started playing golf?
I was ten years old when I went with my family (mum, dad and sister) to a local golf driving range in Luton. I immediately enjoyed hitting the balls down the range.

What does your family think about you playing golf?
My family are very supportive of me playing golf. My mum and dad still play golf as well.

What level of golf are you at and have you entered any competitions?
There are different levels in playing golf, essentially an amateur level and professional level. I am playing as a professional on the satellite tours, but my ultimate aim is to get onto the European tours. For all of the players at my level it is difficult to secure sponsorship, but with time as I progress then securing equipment sponsorship should get easier because my profile would increase, therefore generating more media exposure.

Do you enjoy doing any other activities beside golf?
I am into a lot of other sports and am passionate playing any competitive sport. Basketball and cricket are the two that I enjoy the most.

Do you have any further ambitions regarding your golfing career?
Definitely! Within the next two years I see myself moving up by playing on the European Tour and winning events.

Who is your favourite golf player?
Tiger Woods. I remember as a child when I took up playing golf that Tiger Woods was such a trail blazer. He was an inspiration to many young people to take up golf.

Have you any advice for other young people who are thinking of chasing their dreams?
Yes. I would tell any young person who is thinking about chasing their dream to ‘go for it’. There will always be time in the future for other ventures. Sports and in fact most enterprises have a short life span so a young person should put all their effort into making their dream a reality while they are young.

Do you have anything else to add for the benefit of our readers?
The game of golf has opened up many avenues for me in my life. I actively recommend those looking for a competitive and social activity to give golf a try. Going down to the local driving range or trying a group lesson is probably the most fun way to get into the game.


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    Robert is a talented golfer who should do well on tour

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