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What’s wrong with your place?
Is it cold?
And no-one has come to visit.
What have you come here for?
On my shore
At my door; at my door.
What have you come here for?
Do you have no friends or relatives to do for you?

Accept there is not apology – I cannot come with you.
I have my fields to tend; water to fetch; food to prepare;
Children to teach; clothes to mend.
My family, my king.
My king his soul to feed and his love keeps me.

I would rather look after my own
And there is no reason for me to roam.

You are not listening – YOU look bemused
Do you hear me?
Another time, a different hour, in another age maybe!!!
When you would row
When you would row – that would suit me!

Holda Poetry Poem by Sheda © 2014 1st March

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1 Comment to “ROW ME BACK HOME”

  1. Sheda says:

    Thank you – for posting my poem, Row Me Back.

    This poem was inspired from a installation seen at the Art 14 London Projects held at the Olympia spring 2014.
    Artist: Romuald Hazoume (b. Benin)
    Title: Rat Singer: Second only to God.
    Date: 2013
    Dimensions 400 x 600 cm diameter.

    : The installation presents a capsizing canoe teetering on that critical moment of arrest before sinking forever. The entire scene — is a doomed boat, drowning passengers and water surface – is fabricated from recuperated jerry-cans…

    Love and regards Sheda

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