I have been dreaming of building a house in Jamaica for a while and didn’t know the steps I needed to take in order to reach my end goal.

After browsing the internet for land to buy in Jamaica I stumbled across Tropical Connections. At first I needed to sort out my TRN which they did for me. Once I sorted that out I was ready to go through with the purchase of my land. Not knowing how real estate works in Jamaica and the legal side of it, conversations with Maureen made me feel at ease and confortable with the whole process which at first was daunting to me.

I can now say after a number of months that I am the proud owner of a piece of land in Jamaica. I would recommend Tropical Connections to anyone wanting to purchase land, buy or sell properties and any other real estate business in the Caribbean. Big thank you to Maureen and Tropical Connections.

Mr R Smart, Manchester, UK (6th December 2016)