I show the most gratitude for what has been done by Maureen Smith, from both my sister and I, in regards to getting such a quick response from TAJ in Jamaica with our TRN confirmation letters. This was a very important letter that was NEEDED in regards to an application that was being made by us, and if we didn’t have this to hand the application wouldn’t have been processed at all. We had tried and tried continuously to just get someone on the phone from TAJ but it was a complicated task. I literally gave up, until I went online and googled around to see if maybe there was another number to contact TAJ, it got that frustrating with just trying to find a way to correspond with these people. I finally saw an ad on google saying that Tropical Connections will help to get my TRN information, trying my luck I gave them a ring and was advised to give Maureen a call as she would be the best person to deal with this situation, and YES she was!

Upon speaking to Maureen I detailed her on what the situation was and she really did reassure me that she would take care of the situation, although knowing how difficult it was for me to get let alone a response about my own information, I was still a bit wary about if this was still even possible but I put my trust in Maureen and she definitely delivered. It wasn’t just that she got that letter for us, it was the commitment she made to do it knowing the situation that we really needed it, she sympathised with me on the phone which was very warming and reassuring, as well as this I was also so shocked by the amount of time it took for her to do this as I was expecting it to take a lot longer. When she informed me that it was done, I was full of smiles and thanked God to find Tropical Connections with an employee like Maureen Smith. 5 star service and I will definitely be recommending her and Tropical Connections to friends and family.

Miss S Rattray, Middlesex, UK (28th June 2017)