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About Dominica

Capital: Roseau
Population: 72,341 (approx)
People: Dominicans
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD)
Distance from UK: 4,500 miles
Parishes: St. Andrew, St. David, St. George, St. John, St. Joseph, St. Luke, St. Mark, St. Patrick, St. Paul, St. Peter
Known as ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean’, Dominica has remained sufficiently untouched for it to be said that it is the only island in the Caribbean that Christopher Columbus would still recognise since its discovery by him in 1493.Originally occupied by Arawak Indians, who were subsequently driven out by Carib Indians, the latter, along with the French and British fought for control of Dominica from 1627 until the island was awarded to Britain in 1783. The Eastern Caribbean island eventually gained independence from Britain on 3rd November 1978.

Lying between Gaudeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south, Dominica is of volcanic origin, which explains the black sand beaches to be found on the island. There are 365 rivers on the 290 square miles that make up Dominica’s rugged, fern-filled rainforest terrain and a high forest-covered mountain range that runs from north to south of the island, reaching some 4,747 feet at its highest point. The island’s rich soil is responsible for the dense tropical plant growth to be found in Dominica.

Today you will find descendants of the Carib Indians living in Carib Territory in the north east of Dominica, where their culture is preserved and protected by the Government of Dominica.

Roseau is Dominica’s capital and largest city, which is located on the south west coast of the island.

With over 150 bird species, other wildlife, waterfalls, some of the world’s best dive sites and the world’s second largest Boiling Lake, Dominica is a haven for nature lovers. Perhaps that is why Disney chose the island as the location for filming of Pirates of the Caribbean II.

You haven’t seen all that there is to see in the Caribbean if you haven’t visited Dominica – the number one island in the region for a natural environment.

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