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Why invest in property in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is where you’ll find mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and last, but not least, large expanses of ocean of many differing colours. In addition to these most attractive and appealing features, the lifestyle offered by the Caribbean remains conducive to a healthy mind, body and spirit, which more and more of us are craving (and deserve) as a means for escaping from the increased stress from everyday living.

The choice of properties available for sale in the Caribbean is as diverse as the islands themselves. They include villas, townhouses, condominiums and standard family homes. Alternatively, you may prefer to buy a plot of land on which to build a style of home to suit your individual taste. The addition of a self-contained apartment or two to the property is a source for supplemental income from the short-term or long-term rental market.

The location you choose for your property should be determined by your reasons for buying in the first instance. If solely for investment purposes, then it is best to buy property in locations that are most likely to attract either long-term or short-term renters. If, on the other hand, the property is being purchased for use as a private residence, then the location can be one that offers the type of lifestyle that has personal appeal. It should be borne in mind that where a purchase is based on personal choice, it could prove harder to sell that property at a later date as everyone has different tastes and what appeals to you may not necessarily appeal to others.

Despite the current global financial situation, owning property as a means of creating wealth is not to be ruled out, particularly by those looking for long-term investments. For example, you can purchase a plot of land in an upcoming development in the Caribbean, even though you may have no intention of building on that land, or living abroad. As homes spring up within the development, the land will increase in value and it is at that time that you can look to sell it. (Some developments require that you build within a certain period of time from the date you completed your purchase of land, so you should sell the land before that period expires).

Political and economical stability, English-speaking, and the laid back environment for which the Caribbean is well known, are just a few of the factors that give the region its continued appeal to many in Britain, other European countries and the USA.


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