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women.wine.2 Article by Emily Cleary, PR Manager, Cape London

Inspiring and ethical, a fantastic new wine producer has opened its doors to the UK market through exclusive suppliers Cape London and its history is a story worthy of sharing as much as the drink!

Women in Wine Ltd. was, and still is, the first wine-producing company in South Africa owned, controlled and managed entirely by women! Its establishment opened the portals, for the first time, to a large number of women to participate in the economic fruits of the South African wine industry. Giving employment, hope and independence to an entire generation who, before the fall of apartheid, would have had little or no prospects for their futures.

The company was formed by a group of 20 women from different backgrounds who share not only a link to the Cape winelands but also the dream of giving women, especially farm workers and their families, a share in the industry.

About 200 vineyard workers are now employed by Women in Wine, and the aim of the business is, and will always be, to empower women through skills development and training.

But Women in Wine is not only a great business model, but it also produces some of the finest wine you’ll ever taste! Their new Reserve range of wines represents the essence of Women in Wine, having been developed by an all-female team including a well-known international wine maker, a sensory analyst and founder members of Women in Wine, to ensure that the wines over-deliver on price and are outstanding value for money. Accessible to women, and men, everywhere!

As part of their company ethic, Women in Wine, identify specific wine farms to invite the women on the farms to participate in the co-operative, employing ethical and empowering employment methods. As a result, Women in Wine have been nominated for the Ethical Business Award by UK magazine the drinks business.

And now, after a meeting with Women in Wine’s CEO, Beverly Farmer, exciting new online wine retailer Cape London will be selling stock to a whole new audience. By buying a bottle of their outstanding Fair Trade Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay – among others – you will not only be empowering women in the vineyards of South Africa, but will be opening a conversation piece as tasty as the drink inside!

See www.capelondon.co.uk for all the Women in Wine drinks stocked and to buy what really is a story in a bottle.



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